Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working at Home

Colin's set-up for working at home while he has the flu - a notebook and a laptop for working, an iPad for watching our nephew's soccer game, and the TV for watching football.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh no, no snow!


This is our house. I took the photo yesterday. The decorations look so forlorn without any snow on the ground. 

Hilton Head - Day 2 - December 31

The saga continues...

The view from our deck - who knew?

It's a golf course in our back yard.

It wasn't until morning that we saw the golf course in back. The irony is that Colin and I are not golfers. What do we do in the land of putters and drivers? We bought moonshine. It's cherry and legal. How do I know it's moonshine? It's in a mason jar, of course. 
We went on a bike ride. HH has tons of bike paths and Colin rented two coaster brake bikes for us. I'm not a huge fan of bike riding but gamely agreed to give it a shot. The paths were crowded and a bit chaotic. I was not happy.
We had lobster and filet mignon for New Years Eve dinner. The store where we bought the moonshine had a couple of surf and turf and wine specials. We bought the lobster and filet, plus shrimp and steak. The wine selection was limited, but did include a dry red from Lebanon. Who could refuse?